Do you recognise any of the names on this war memorial that has mysteriously appeared in Belmont?

The large bronze plaque, which is dedicated 'to those who lost who lost their lives in the great war' and has a list of 11 names, appeared at the Conservative Club in Station Road and people are now trying to get to the bottom of where it has come from.

Your Local Guardian:

Belmont Councillor Pam Picknett said neither she nor fellow Belmont Councillor Peter Geiringer recognise the names on the plaque meaning it is unlikely it belongs in the area.

Coun Picknett said: "It's a huge plaque and it was just left outside against a wall. It's very heavy so I'm not sure how it got there. One person couldn't;t have carried it, it must have been brought in a car or a van.

"There are 11 names on it but we've had a look and we don't think they are from here but there is no reference to a church or any area on there.

Coun Picknett said she has heard several stories as to how it came to be in Belmont including that it once belonged to a church that was demolished.

Your Local Guardian:

The names on the plaque are John W Arnold, Arthur E Hall, Bernard W Beggin, Claude E Rushen, Arthur J Beggin, Reginald G Shaxon, William H Candy, George Stangoe, Leonard Crapps, Frank G Woods, Leslie J Wright.

The plaque is about 2ft by 2ft 6in and looks as though it could have been mounted on a larger memorial at some point.

Coun Picknett added: "It looks as though it has come off a cenotaph or something. Some of the names are quite unusual so I'm sure someone must recognise them and there must be someone who misses it."

Do you know where the memorial belongs? If so, contact reporter Mike Pyle on 020 8722 6359 or email