The Graveney and Meadow is a bar, bakery and tapas restaurant all rolled into one.

It sits on Mitcham Road, Tooting, just a bit further along from The Antelope and Tooting Tram and Social.

During the day it serves up cakes, baguettes, coffee and pots of tea in a café style atmosphere.

There are mismatched tables, desks and high stools, with plenty of space in between - popular with mum's and their buggies.

The ladies - unfortunately cannot speak for the men's - looks like some sort of dress makers shop or changing room.

I have munched my way through a few of the cakes here, which are all baked on site.

I'm particularly fond of the banana bread and a pot of winter tea, hard to resist when they are all displayed in front of you.

Around the back there is a large dining room, used during the evening when the venue transforms into a tapas restaurant.

From about 7pm onwards you find a different crowd, sipping cocktails and munching tapas.

The great thing is the relaxed atmosphere is retained, you can easily get served and finding a seat is not difficult.

Past events include barbecues in the summer, gigs and a vintage-themed New Years Eve party.

The only problem is getting your head round whether it is time for a cake or cocktail, but at least it can serve both needs.

Graveney and Meadow, Mitcham Road, Tooting, visit or call 020 8672 9016