Ambitious plans to demolish buildings and refurbish homes in the Winstanley and York Road estates have been unveiled.

Wandsworth Council is consulting on three options for the Battersea estates which aim to improve living conditions.

The suggestions include retaining buildings and redeveloping large areas of York Road, demolishing buildings apart from the three towers in York Road or redeveloping much of the estate.

Social rent tenants are being offered new houses, while leaseholders can buy into the new development.

A group of leaseholders and home owners, living in the Ganley Court buildings, is concerned the third option  would see their homes destroyed.

The consultation is running for six weeks.

Councillor Ravi Govindia, leader of the council, said: "Most people agree these estates need to be improved and that major new investment can bring real benefits to people lives.

"But this is also a busy, diverse and complex neighbourhood with many good qualities we want to protect and preserve.

"This options consultation asks local residents to weigh the pros and cons of different redevelopment proposals and to let us know which they prefer and why."

Maria Clara Abreu Barbosa, 46, of Ganley Court, said the council have offered her a flat in exchange for the house she owns if option three goes ahead.

She said: "Ganley Court is lovely. It is fantastic, we have a front garden, it is amazing. It is very hard to find a house like that.

"I don't understand how come they want to destroy a historical building in a beautiful area."

Retired Mario Lanni, said: "I don't want to move anywhere. I am a 73 year old man, I am diabetic, I take blood pressure tablets, my vision is not good.

"I spent a lot of money on this house, double glazing, new carpets, floors, new kitchen, sitting room and laminated floor boards. It has cost me a lot of money."

The council plan to begin building work from 2016 which will take up to 15 years.

To view the consultation visit or call (020) 8871 6802


* Option one - Southern boundary of Grant Road and Falcon Road redeveloped. Church of the Nazerene, Providence House, Battersea Baptist Chapel and Thames Christian College will all be rebuilt.

* Option two - Redeveloped area extended to Arthur Newton House, Jackson House, Kiloh Court, Baker House and Farrant House. York Gardens improved and moved into heart of the area. New community facility and public spaces.

* Option three - Redeveloped area extended to Ganley Court, Gagarin House, Shepard House and Chesterton House. York Gardens improved with kick-about areas and play facilities.