Residents, businesses, charities, office workers and hotel staff joined forces last week to clean up an area of private land near Wandsworth roundabout which has been blighted with litter.

The community clean-up took place last week and concentrated on the flower beds and bushes adjacent to the B&Q superstore in Smuggler's Way.

Wandsworth Council staff and contractors were also on hand to help with the clean up and to arrange for the proper disposal of the 37 binliners of rubbish and litter that was picked up.

As well as general litter the volunteers also collected six broken bike locks, five broomsticks, two pairs of shoes and a car's broken bumper.

The clean-up was the brainchild of local business chief Daniel Newton from Delphis Eco, a Battersea based company that manufactures environmentally-friendly commercial cleaning products.

Mr Newton said: "In total we had 30 volunteers which was a truly fantastic turnout with all participants fully committed to the cause.

"Such was the success of the event that many of the people who took part have already expressed an interest in participating in our community projects in the future."