With party season almost upon us, a murder mystery event is an alternative option to keep revellers happy.

The Killing Game, based in Leatherhead, Surrey, is a series of murder mystery parties hosted throughout the year, including events in the run up to Christmas and New Years Eve.

Participants have the option to indulge in a whole weekend solving the mystery or over the course of a single evening.

The events all take place in country-style hotels across South England, which includes the option of an overnight stay.

Guests can also choose to hold a private event in a hotel of their choice, with The Killing Game staff happy to do all the hard work of hosting it for you.

From the very start of the murder mystery five or six actors are mixed in with the guests.

Everyone is made aware of who they are, with guests encouraged to talk with them throughout the course of the evening.

As the evening progresses fights and altercations break out between the actors, giving away more clues about motives.

Participants enjoy a three course dinner as tension builds up, until one of the actors is mysteriously murdered.

During coffee the remaining actors are cross-examined before guests decide who they think the culprit is.

Nicholas Cross, managing director of The Killing Game, says: "Most other murder mystery events are comedies. We are slightly more serious, there are funny bits, but not all comedy.

"We get all sorts of ages - couples bringing their teenage children, people on their hen parties, 40th, 50th, 90th birthday parties. It appeals to all types of people.

"New Years Eve evenings are always such fun. The atmosphere is just electric, everyone is cheering."

Evenings range from £33-£55 per person, while a weekend can cost up to £150 per person.

For more information visit killinggame.co.uk