The daughter of a woman murdered by her jealous ex-boyfriend after he stalked her on Facebook has warned of the dangers of social networks.

Lorna Smith of Hewitt Close, Shirley, was stabbed to death by Clifford Mills at his flat in Brixton in February 2011, when she went to help him with some paperwork.

The 45-year-old's body was found with a plastic bag over her head and the Oasis song Stop the Clocks playing on a loop.

Her daughter Louise Harvey features on documentary "Britain's Darkest Taboos- My Mum was Murdered by Her Stalker Ex," which is being broadcast tonight.

Speaking about Mills who was best man at her parents' wedding, the 24-year-old said: "He was always around, he was my dad's best friend.

"I never really got on with him though- never took a shine to him, but I never thought he was capable of this."

Miss Smith got back in touch with Mills after splitting from her husband. The pair grew closer and were in a relationship for four years before splitting in 2006.

But after the split, despite remaining on friendly terms with Miss Smith, Mills set up a bogus Facebook account in the name of Charlie Manning and started a new online relationship with his ex.

Miss Harvey, a former Edenham High School student said: "When I first saw the messages I thought it was too good to be real, but I didn't suspect it could be him. It just didn't feel right."

Miss Smith had cut ties with Manning and had planned to stop contact with Mills after beginning a new relationship, when he lured her to his flat and killed her.

He handed himself in to St Thomas' Hospital the next day, telling staff 'Stan' had killed Miss Smith. When asked who Stan was, he replied "Stan is in my head."

Miss Harvey said: "Mum used to tell me about Stan, she would say Stan's about and we would laugh and joke about it because it meant he was not in a good mood.

"For him to say it was Stan and he was in a bad mood was just an excuse."

Last February Mills was jailed for 21 years after a jury took just 90 minutes to convict him of murder, rejecting his plea to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

Speaking about the dangers of Facebook, Miss Harvey, a mum-of-four said: "It is so important to raise awareness of the dangers of Facebook and remind people when someone is nice to you on there they aren't always going to be real.

"I think if she was a stronger woman in herself and had said no and ended it properly at the beginning rather than at the end, things may have been different.

"Mum just went to help and she kept helping him right to the end, that sadly was the downfall."

Episode five of Britain’s Darkest Taboos, My Mum Was Murdered By Her Stalker Ex is on tonight at 9pm on Crime & Investigation Network.