Four men preparing to row 2,000 miles across the Pacific ocean have kick-started their campaign by rowing non stop for 24 hours.

James Wight, from Wimbledon, will be joined by crew members Fraser Hart, Colin Parker and Samuel Collins on the challenge which will see them race 11 other teams across the Pacific ocean from California to Hawaii unaided.

The five week challenge will take place next June will see the teams row 2,000 miles as part of the New Ocean Wave race - the first race of its kind on the Pacific.

To officially launch their campaign the quartet, called Team Pacific Rowers, rowed for 24 hours straight on rowing machines in Leicester Square on Saturday, November 2 , finishing at 5pm on Sunday.

Mr Wight said: "We’ve all come from fairly adventurous backgrounds.

"Whether that be cycling, running or mountaineering.

"I think this challenge just presented itself as the next logical step to be honest. When you get the bug for adventure it’s hard to shake and you just end up going one step further every time."

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