A pregnant woman who was sick after drinking chocolate milk three weeks past its best before date has slammed the supermarket where she bought it.

According to Hayley Dulake, 31, from Tattenham Corner, not only did Asda Burgh Heath sell milk that was three weeks past its best before date and overcharge her for it, but it offered her derisory compensation when she complained.

Miss Dulake, who is 22 weeks pregnant, from Southwark Long Walk, bought a Disney Pixar Cars chocolate milk carton on October 23 without noticing the date on the packet was October 3.

She was sick and had to take most of the day off.

Miss Dulake, who has had miscarriages in the past, said: “I was worried in general about being sick because of this pregnancy being a blessing.

“I have been craving chocolate milk. I’m craving everything sweet.”

When she went back to the Reigate Road store later the next day she said she found 18 three-carton packets of the milk with the same date still on the shelves.

In a complaint to Asda head office afterwards she wrote: “I downed the carton, thought it tasted odd, but put it down to being a children’s drink.

“Tonight I went to the bin to check through the dates of what I had eaten the day before due to being violently sick through the early hours of the morning until about 5pm.”

She said when she complained at the store about it and having been charged £1.20 for the milk, which actually cost £1, a staff member just gave her the 20p back plus a £2 voucher.

The manager then came over to speak with Ms Dulake.

She said: “All he was concerned about was passing the buck on to someone else.

“I am absolutely disgusted with the service I have received from Asda as the man said he can offer me a £10 smiley voucher.

“I refused to accept and was informed this is his budget and [he] waffled on about because it’s not fresh we don’t check daily.”

Your Local Guardian:

Miss Dulake said staff tried to stop her from taking photographs of the packets of expired milk she had found in the shop.

But she said that at 8pm on Sunday evening a senior manager from the store phoned Miss Dulake to say he had just received her complaint and wanted to apologise before going on holiday.

Miss Dulake said he had promised to get back to her over compensation when he returned on Monday.

She said: “I’m hopeful Asda are going to do something.

“I thought that it was respectful he called before going on holiday.”

A company spokesman said the milk, which is manufactured in Denmark, was heat-treated and there was no proof it had caused her to be sick.

He said being past the best before date would only affect the taste – although Asda’s own website warns people not to drink the product after that date.

He admitted it was against company policy to sell products past their best before date but said action had been taken in the store to rectify this.