Tommy Blaize is the lead singer from BBC TV's Strictly Come Dancing primetime show and is bringing the Strictly band to support him at the Half Moon. Alexandra Rucki caught up with him.

Alexandra Rucki: What can audiences expect to see during your show?

Tommy Blaize: They can expect to see an amazing bunch of musicians playing original songs as well as some brilliant covers. This is our chance to play the music that we as musicians love.

AR: Who else is in the band?

TB: We have the fantastic Ian Thomas (Yanto) on drums. Trevor Barry on bass and vocals, he's the guy in the hat that you see on Strictly. Andy Caine on vocals and guitar.
Paul Dunne on guitar and Dave Arch on piano.

AR: What musical instruments do you play?

TB: I play guitar piano bass and drums.

AR: You’ve worked with the likes of Tina Turner and Joe Cocker, who has been your most favourite person to work with?

TB: It's hard to pick out a favourite as most of them have been fantastic but I always enjoy working with Bruce on the show, I still sit there thinking, that's Bruce from the generation game, the London Palladium and play your cards right.. I grew up watching those shows with my family and so to sit there behind him every Saturday for the last 10 years is an honour, I have also been to his house and been out to dinner with him and he's amazing.

AR: What song has been the most difficult to perform?

TB: I think all the Queen songs are quite difficult to do with only four singers. Freddy would always have stacks of vocals and we have to try and create that big sound with what we have. Sometimes the songs in a different language can be very challenging too.

AR: How do you squeeze in performing on Strictly, as well as all of the live gigs?

TB: That can be difficult as I have to save my voice for Saturdays, because we are singing maybe 17 songs per show and we rehearse every song at least five or six times before the show goes out live, I have to make sure there is some voice in reserve, so if something comes in that may jeopardise the show then I tend to not do it. 

AR: What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

TB: I think singing happy birthday to Nelson Mandela with Stevie Wonder in New York while Aretha Franklin was watching in the wings, there was a moment when I looked up and thought wow.

AR: Who would be your dream singers and musicians to collaborate with?

TB: This could never happen as my ideal session would be myself, Louis Armstrong, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Ella in a studio for the day.

AR: What have you got planned after Strictly comes to an end?

TB: I don't have anything planned as I think Strictly could go on forever, I am writing a blues soul based album at the moment that should be ready next year so hopefully I can tour the country playing some new as well as old stuff.

Tommy Blaize is performing at The Half Moon, in Lower Richmond Road, Putney, 8pm November 3, £8 visit