The Liberal Democrats in Twickenham have once again chosen Vince Cable as their candidate for the next general election.

Dr Cable, 70, has been MP for Twickenham since 1997 and was unanimously selected to stand again in 2015.

The vote took place at Teddington Baptist Church on October 11.

After being chosen, the Twickenham MP said he has "a lot of things to accomplish locally and nationally."

He said: "After over three years in one of the most gruelling jobs in public life I have naturally thought long and hard about the next few years.

"Since I have a lot of energy and stamina, and a lot of things I still want to accomplish, locally and nationally, I feel comfortable putting myself forward for another term.

"Unlike most cabinet ministers I have kept my weekly advice surgeries and commute by train every day.

"I get plenty of feedback and am well aware that, even in our relatively prosperous part of London, there is still a lot of hardship and uncertainty in the wake of the financial crisis.

"What I am particularly pleased to see is that things I am delivering in national government are coming through to benefit constituents.

"The expansion of science and particularly the National Physical Laboratory in Teddington, improving access to finance for small companies who have been badly squeezed by the banks and improvements in skill training and apprenticeships."

He won 2010's general election with a majority of 12,140.

Last month, Twickenham's Conservatives selected Councillor Tania Mathias as their candidate in an American-style open caucus system.