With Halloween just around the corner, it has all gotten a little bit spooky at St Mary’s University in Twickenham.

Screen media senior lecturer Dr Maria Mellins recently had her book about London’s vampire community published.

Vampire Culture explores the long-standing love affair that women have with the underground vampire subculture and how it affects their daily lives.

It is based on empirical audience research and is available to purchase from Bloomsbury.

Dr Mellins said: “There is a lot of activity surrounding the gothic at St Mary’s at the moment, which is very fitting to the university college given its connection to the gothic Strawberry Hill House.

“The gothic with its vampires, monsters, and imperilled heroines is constantly evolving and being reinvigorated.”

And for those who want to take their interest in the gothic to the next level, there is now even a post-graduate degree on offer for students.

The university has just launched s masters degree entitled Gothic: culture, subculture and counterculture.

The degree focuses on gothic both historically and in the contemporary, drawing inspiration from Horace Walpole’s novel written in and about St Mary’s very own Strawberry Hill House.

To find out more about the degree, visit smuc.ac.uk/postgraduate-courses-london/gothic-studies-ma.