Prepared to be amazed by the world of science including all that is disgusting about it in a new production of Horrible Science.

The Birmingham Stage company, the producers of the popular Horrible Histories shows, are now turning their hand to science.

The Horrible Science books written by Nick Arnold and illustrated by Tony de Saulles have sold more than 15m copies in 27 different languages worldwide.

Arnold’s books have also won a series of awards including the Thomson Reuters Award for Communicating Science in 2010 and the Blue Peter Best Book Award 2013.

The Horrible Science tour is aimed at children from six years old and above.

The show centres around reluctant schoolboy hero Billy Miller who has to battle his way through different areas of The Horrible Science Adventure World which has been taken over by the all powerful computer TIM.

Billy encounters some fatal forces such as gravity, electricity and magnetism. He will also learn to defeat some menacing bacteria and some other microbe monsters.

There will be 3D special effects and the audience will help answer questions such as why do we produce 50,000 litres of spit in a lifetime? Can you fight deadly diseases just using an egg? Can you survive the Bathroom of Doom?

Neal Foster, the Birmingham Stage Company’s manager, says he really enjoy putting together children’s shows.

He says: "I love children and I love children’s writing. A lot of children’s writing has really interesting characters. The writing and the characters are very challenging and so too are the audiences.

"Whereas adults go to sleep if they are bored, children will quickly let you know if they lose interest. Keeping that interest and keeping them engaged is difficult but very rewarding because they are so giving as an audience.

"They often respond in a way that you don’t anticipate and you never cease to underestimate their sophistication and what they will find interesting. You can never guess what direction they will want to go in when you tell the story. That is why children’s theatre is so exciting."

Horrible Science, Fairfield Halls, Park Lane, October 29 to November 2, 7pm, £10 to £14.50, call 020 8688 9291 or visit