A group of travellers have left tonnes of rubbish and human excrement on a children’s slide in Roundshaw Park this morning.

The council has closed the children’s playground and cordoned off the park while they clean up tonnes of building materials, human excrement and asbestos.

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Tonnes of rubbish dumped next to a children's playground 

A similar incident happened in Tooting Common last month when several tonnes of rubbish were left behind.

It is understood the travellers had been asking for money from the local community to dump their rubbish but left it in the park instead.

Approximately 20 caravans drove into the park Friday afternoon. Park goers are describing the mess they have left behind as a “deliberate act of vandalism”.

A mum who lives nearby said: “This time they have really excelled themselves.

"The council workers are using brooms and industrial strength materials to remove human faeces wiped over the slide and in the children’s playground.

“The whole park is cordoned off it is full of human excrement, dirty nappies and piles of towels. There’s broken glass –my cat came in with glass in her paw and they set a fire in the woods on Saturday night.

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Glass dumped in the woods

“I really think they need to be shamed because of the way they have left it - this is absolutely revolting.

“I don’t have a problem with the people if they want to park and live civilly but it is unacceptable. I spoke to a council worker who said they think it will cost £50,000 to clean up.”

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Piles of rubbish left in the woods

A man who lives nearby but wished to remain anonymous said: “It has broken my heart. It’s the eighth time this year they have been on this park.

“They must cause thousands for us residents to clean this for the umpteenth time.

“The absolute mess these people have left behind is quite frightening.”

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The children's playground is closed 

Residents have been calling for the council to find a permanent solution to stop travellers accessing the park.

This week the council announced its plans to spend £20,000 on erecting a 1.5m soil bund around the park with additional security features to stop travellers driving onto the grounds.

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Council workers have started a big clear-up

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Travellers in the park earlier this week

A council spokesperson said: “We are pleased to report that the travellers are no longer on Roundshaw Park. We are now starting the process of cleaning up the park and returning it to the very high standards that residents expect of this beautiful local resource.

“On this occasion because of the quantity of waste that has been dumped, which includes human excrement and asbestos, the clear-up could take up to two weeks.

“The fly-tipped material will be examined very closely for personal addresses and householders will be contacted if it appears that their waste has been illegally tipped.”

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Rubbish dumped in the woods

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