A cinema turned recording studios will re-open in its former guise in a matter of weeks.

Olympic Studios in Church Road, Barnes, will open as a cinema on October 14, with the first screening of Captain Phillips on Friday, October 18.

The first film posters and speakers for the cinema have been delivered this week as preparations are made for its opening.

On opening day, it will be the only cinema in London with a unique, high quality surround-sound technology called Dolby Atmos.

Owner Stephen Burdge says: “Because of the building’s history, with it being a recording studio and a great place acoustically to record, the unique selling point of the cinema was always going to be that we had really good sound.”

The 107-year-old cinema was converted to Olympic Sound Studios in 1966 saw the Rolling Stones and the Beatles record tracks there.

Now reverted back to its original use, the two-screen cinema will be open all week, with three screenings per day.

Screen one is a 120-seat luxury cinema with sofas, reclining seats and love seats for viewers to snuggle up on while watching the film.

A wide variety of the latest releases will be shown, from critically-acclaimed features to big budget 3D spectaculars.

Screen two, which has 65 seats, will have a small recording studio and will show documentaries, world cinema, classics, director retrospectives and more independent cinema.

The Olympic Cinema also has a cafe and dining room and member’s club.

Mr Burdge says: “The next couple of weeks are going to be a lot of long days to get it finished.

“It is a great thing for Barnes and hopefully people from wider areas will want to come too.

“It has been a really exciting project – chaotic, but exciting and we hope a lot of people will come to enjoy the cinema.”