The leader of Sutton Council has branded the Mayor of London's decision to cut transport funding a "disgrace".

Councillor Ruth Dombey has written to Boris Johnson to protest against plans to cut transport funding to the capital’s boroughs.

The current proposals would see Sutton’s Local Implementation Plan (LIP) funding cut by 25 per cent from £1.3m in 2014/15 to less than £1m in 2015/16.

LIP money pays for schemes such as traffic congestion, bus reliability and road safety. It is also used to introduce 20 mph zones and encourage sustainable modes of transport such as walking, cycling and travel planning.

Coun Dombey said: "This is disgraceful. These traffic schemes are important to Sutton residents and we should have a greater say over how the money is spent.

"We all want a more sustainable future, a better environment, economic prosperity and improved quality of life and this cut in vital transport funding will prevent us from achieving our goal.

"I have asked the Mayor to use his influence to alter Transport for London’s proposals and ensure that this cut does not take place."

The TfL plans, if implemented, follow the Government’s recent Comprehensive Spending Review which saw 12.5 per cent cut in Department for Transport funding to TfL.

This would mean a total of £37m being cut from LIP budgets across the capital but, as certain elements are protected to meet ‘London-wide objectives’ that would result in the 25 per cent cut to individual boroughs.

Coun Dombey is now requesting an opportunity for the boroughs to respond formally to the TfL plans through London Councils and the South London Partnership.