A mother jumped in front of a train and killed herself while suffering from jaw pain, an inquest heard.

Anna-Lise Miralles, 37, of Pine Grove, Wimbledon, threw herself in front of a fast-moving train in Wimbledon Station on February 1, 2013.

Her injuries were so severe British Transport Police were only able to identify her by her fingerprints.

Westminster Coroners Court heard yesterday Mrs Miralles, originally from France, moved to the UK with investment banker husband Pierre Miralles nine years ago.

The couple had a daughter last year, but Mrs Miralles, a former textile engineer, suffered from a difficult pregnancy alongside insomnia.

Symptoms persisted after she gave birth, including intense back pain and an ache in her jaw.

But after seeing an array of medical experts her symptoms were diagnosed as psychosomatic and she was prescribed anti-depressants.

On the morning before she died Mrs Miralles left home at 10am to attend another medical appointment for her jaw pain.

On the journey to the station she bumped into her nanny, but indicated her mouth ache was so severe she could not speak.

CCTV cameras at Wimbledon Station showed Mrs Miralles wandering around on platform two, with her face hidden by a fur-lined hood.

James Good, train driver, said: "It was not until I got to the platform itself a lady appeared from behind the station building where the railings are.

"I remember thinking she is getting close to the edge but a lot of people do. She came right to the edge of the platform still with her hood up. She jumped, it was very deliberate."

Due to her injuries, police officers could only initially identify her using details from her HSBC card found at the scene which they passed to local doctors surgeries to see if she was registered with them.

A post mortem examination found she died of multiple injuries, while no drugs or alcohol were found in her body.

Coroner Darren Stewart recorded a verdict of suicide, noting her problems with anxiety and depression.

He said: "It was very clear that Mrs Miralles was a loving mother and wife, but she was struggling with a combination of physical and mental problems in aftermath of the birth of her daughter."