TV game show host Alexander Armstrong was best man at his comedy partner’s wedding this month but he has no idea how they first met.

Pointless host Armstrong cannot recall making the acquaintance of Ben Miller, the other half of comedy double act Armstrong and Miller, while studying at Cambridge University.

Ahead of coming to Epsom with his band, Armstrong tells VIBE: "I have no recollection at all of meeting him. We became a comedy double act after we left university.

"We were part of a bunch of people running a comedy club in Notting Hill. Ben and I just hit it off very quickly. We have the same sense of humour."

Armstrong and Miller co-starred in a TV sketch show from 1997 to 2001, renewed their partnership for another TV show in 2007 and are now working on a comedy drama together.

After their joint success, Armstrong has gone on to present Have I Got News for You, quiz show Pointless and recently competed in celebrity singing show Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Asked about Miller's wedding, Armstrong says: "It was one of the most magical days, just beautiful."

Despite their close friendship and sometimes 'intense' working relationship over the years, he does not see himself as a rival to Miller’s wife Jessica Parker.

He says: "It’s not so much like a marriage; it’s more like being brothers. We work very, very closely together and both have the same goals.

"We can rub each other up the wrong way then instantly go back to being friends."

Armstrong is currently on tour with his band and will bring his love of music and great songs to the Epsom Playhouse on Tuesday 8 October.

Armstrong has been a classical singer since the age of nine but said: "I have never toured with my own band before. I have never toured with my name above the top."

He said the line-up includes a selection of his favourite music including the Wombles, Spandau Ballet and Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

He says: "You could call it a mixed bag but it makes perfect sense when I look at it. If this was a comedy tour I would be worrying a lot about it, learning lines.

"But it's a much gentler evening. I’m excited."

Alexander Armstrong and His Band; Epsom Playhouse; October 8, 8pm; Prices from £20; Call 01372 742555; Visit