Desserts are banned in my house. I have a sweet tooth and very little self control, especially when it comes to wanting a late night nibble. 

But on Friday night I gave in to my cravings and indulged during my first visit to Kaspa’s Desserts in West Croydon.

As I walked into the American style diner my eyes were drawn to the colourful range of gelato flavours on offer and as I walked to my table I spotted enormous cakes cut into generous slices including cheesecake, carrot cake and an Oreo cake.

Before I had even sat down I had changed my mind twice about what I was going to order, but when I was handed the menu - well, that was it, my mind was blown and it was back to square one.

I can only describe the amount of choice on offer as every dessert lovers’ dream.

Now came the hard bit, deciding what to order. My eyes were immediately drawn to the delicious looking sundaes and there were three in particular that caught my eye.

The Oreo Sundae (£4.95) boasts Oreo cookie pieces with creamy vanilla, cookies and cream ice cream and chocolate syrup topped with Belgian chocolate bits and crushed Oreos.

But then I noticed the Ferrero Rocher Sundae (£6.95), made up of tasty Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with vanilla ice cream and topped off with milk chocolate flakes and chocolate syrup.

My love of mango meant I also had to consider Mango Mania (£5.95), scoops of Alfonzo mango ice cream, combined with fresh vanilla ice cream, fruit pieces and layered with special mango syrup.

If the thought of those don’t have your mouth watering, the Giant American Waffles will. All served with a choice of fresh vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and again the choice was endless.

For chocoholics there is the Chocoholic (£4.95) a fresh waffle sprinkled with Belgian milk and white chocolate flakes and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

There is also the Canadian Winter Waffle (£4.50) a waffle dusted with cinnamon powder and drizzled with Canadian maple tree syrup.

Strawberry Indulgence (£5.50) promises strawberry and chocolate syrup, but it was the White Choc Indulgence (£5.50) that grabbed my attention. Served with fresh banana and strawberry slices and smothered in white chocolate, this was a definite contender.

Now if for some strange reason neither the sundaes nor the waffles appeal to you then fear not- Kaspa’s also have a wide range of Crepes.

I also considered these before making my decision and whether you want to stick with the Original- Sweet and Simple (£3.50) - a topping of butter and sugar or fancy the tasty Nutella Crepe (£4.95) topped with banana slices and nuts, you are bound to find a flavour for you.

Even if you are just after a coffee and a slice of cake you are in luck as Kaspa’s serve both along with more traditional desserts like Hot Apple Crumble (£3.95) or Hot Sticky Toffee Pudding (£3.95). I am not joking when I say this place offers something for everyone.

So what did I choose? I opted for the White Choc Indulgence Waffle, while my guest chose the Oreo sundae and neither of us were left disappointed.

As we were indulging, we also treated ourselves to a coke float and a passion fruit milkshake, but be warned, the shakes come in two sizes and the ‘regular’ is pretty big, so only order the large if you are feeling brave.

I can only describe Kaspa’s as dessert heaven and knowing every dessert I could possibly want is under that one roof, I will most definitely be back.

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Kaspa’s Desserts, 117-119 North End, Croydon, CR0 1TT