The mum of a 24-year-old shot dead on New Year's Eve two years ago has made an impassioned plea for information.

Alison Lyken's son Solomon Martin was found dead in silver Reno Clio in Pilgrim Hill, West Norwood, on December 31, 2004. He had been shot once in the head.

Police announced today they would be offering a £20,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of those responsible.

Mr Martin was shot after leaving World of Cuts barbers in Green Lane, Thornton Heath, with two friends in the Reno.

The car was driven north along Carolina Road, and was followed by a large dark saloon car with blacked out windows. A shot was fired into the Renault Clio, causing it to stop.

The dark saloon fired at least another 15 shots into the Clio, before making off at high speed. Forensic analysis later confirmed the shots came from three separate weapons.

According to police the two friends left the car before Mr Martin's body was found.

Mr Martin's mum said: "I have been told that my son's death was an accident and the bullet that pierced his brain was not meant for him, yet no-one else in the car he was in was injured. These two so-called friends ran away unharmed, leaving my son bleeding to death. I know that these two will be scarred for life by their own guilt and fear, but they have one thing that my son doesn't. Life! They can still live, love and laugh but will never be happy."

"You who know why this catastrophe took place must talk. If you had an ounce of love or respect for my son whom you regarded 'a friend' it is you I appeal to for answers. You who have watched him grow from a child must allow my beloved boy to rest in peace. Until then your lives will be fruitless and in torment. Therefore let the truth set you free."

Mr Martin, who was from the Brixton area, was the son of Steve Martin, also known as Blacker Dread, a reggae producer who runs Blacker Dread Music Store in Brixton's Coldharbour Lane.

Detective Inspector Tim Neligan, of Operation Trident, called on witnesses to come forward.

He said: "In particular, we need to speak to those who were in the car with Solomon, before he was left at Pilgrim Hill. We have no doubt that they hold vital knowledge about his murder and their assistance would be invaluable to us. Despite suffering from a gun shot wound, Solomon was left on his own at a time when he needed them most. It is my belief that Solomon and his friends knew who his killer(s) were."

Alison Lyken added: "This Christmas when you celebrate, exchange gifts, laugh and love. When you look around your table, eat Turkey and drink wine, a huge smile across your face because all your seats at the dinner table are full, please take another look around and remember me. Think of my pain and the devastation at seeing an empty chair that can never again be filled. My table will forever have one seat empty."

Anyone with information should call 020 8247 4554; or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.