Police fear a new two storey McDonald's restaurant could lead to an increase in anti social behaviour.

Safer neighbourhood teams in Wallington have aired their concerns about the impact a new chain might have on Stafford Road if Sutton Council gives the go ahead to plans later this month.

Protests are expected at the council's development control committee meeting on 25 September and a 1,200 strong petition against the proposals have already been submitted.

Residents of Charlotte Road, whose gardens back onto the 2800 metre square site, claim they will be sat yards from a constant flow of cars using the takaway's drive through.

Janie Andrews, who's 83-year-old father has his art studio at he end of his garden, said he will no longer get any peace.

She said: "Most of the people who this restaurant will have an impact on are pensioners. There are going to be deliveries from noisy trucks at 5am, and the smell coming out of there will be awful. Traffic around here is already bad, and this will make things even worse."

And now, as well as the environmental impact on the area, the police have addling its voice to the long list of objectors.

A police spokesperson said: "It's important we voice any concerns we have about the impact of certain planning applications so the planning committee can take our views into account.

Regarding the planning application for a Drive-Thru' McDonald’s restaurant in Stafford Road, our Wallington South Safer Neighbourhoods Team has written to the council’s planning department to express our concerns that this could lead to an increase in anti-social behaviour - causing a nuisance and distress to many elderly and vulnerable residents and families who live nearby."

Jayne McCoy, Liberal Democrat councillor for Wallington, said residents are very concerned at he plans.

She said: "If the police are concerned, we are concerned. It would be a big McDonalds which would put even more traffic on the already congested roads. It’s just not right for the area and if the plans go ahead, it will have a negative impact on residents and on businesses. "

A spokesman for McDonalds, said: "The safety of our staff and customers is our top priority and are always seek to have a positive relationship with local police.

"We have invited the safer neighbourhood team to meet with our local security officer to discuss any potential concerns they have about our proposed restaurant on Stafford road."