An alien believer wisely decided against using a dank, dirty wartime bunker in Epsom for his Men in Black-themed TV wedding.

Liam and Lynn Speirs, from Tadworth, feature on BBC Three’s Don't Tell the Bride this week - the show in which the bride lets her husband-to-be organise their big day.

In an interview with the Epsom Guardian this morning Mrs Speirs said she was very glad that her husband decided against the smelly bunker in Epsom which had rubbish at the entrance.

Your Local Guardian:

Liam and Lynn on their wedding day

She said: "I would have been really angry. It’s disgusting. I would have cried my heart out if he had done it there."

Mr Speirs, who wanted his betrothed to fall in love with his alien-filled mind, visited a former air raid shelter, now used for war games, near the centre of Epsom.

He said: "I want to recreate the government conspiracy of the existence of aliens that has been hidden from prying eyes."

But his best men dissuaded him from having the wedding there despite Mr Speirs protesting that it looked the part and could be improved with air freshener.

Planning permission has been granted to turn the tunnels into a vault for precious metals but currently the shelter is used for airsoft war games.

John, who runs Elite Action Games, told the camera: "I can’t think of anybody who wants their bride to realistically get married in a dirty old World War Two bunker.

"There are rats down there, fungus, all sorts of horrible things. You’d be looking at a divorce from day one."

Instead the groom decided to hold a pretend wedding for the cameras at another bunker at a deserted military air base called Bentwaters Parks in Suffolk, officiated by a man in an alien mask, followed by a civil ceremony.

Your Local Guardian:

Mrs Speirs, 32, reacted with shock when she arrived at that bunker and saying: "I don’t really want to be here on my wedding day. Horrid, horrid, horrid. What was he thinking?"

But after the wedding, which included an alien autopsy, bright lights and music at the reception, she said: "I’m not disappointed I have not got a princess wedding. This is better.

"This is Liam’s dream and Liam is my dream and that’s all that matters."

She is a legal secretary and her husband an electrician. The couple met at a music festival five years ago. They are now a family of four with their baby daughter and Lynn's son from a previous relationship.

You can watch the show tonight on BBC Three at 8pm.