A father has published a series of children's books using a pigeon to highlight litter problems.

Roger de Kassel, 51, of Balham, wants to use the books to teach children about moral and environmental issues.

The independent author's own children inspired him to write the books, which focus on the tales of Mr P the pigeon.

Mr de Kassel, a recruitment consultant, has also teamed up with Clean Up Britain to raise more awareness of London's growing litter problem.

His first book, Mr P and the Silver Red Bag, was inspired after seeing rubbish in a park.

Mr de Kassel, who grew up in Fernlea Road, Balham, said: ""I started making up stories with my daughters and they used to ask me questions about things.

"I wanted them to teach them how to behave around the streets and everyday life.

"My oldest daughter wrote down ‘Mr P and the Silver Red Bag’ after I told it to her five or six times and convinced me to do a book. That’s how it came about, me making up stories.

"It’s always been about how we treat people and how we live our lives in society and the environment we’re in."