Two firefighters in breathing apparatus tackled a blaze in a dustcart this morning.

Epsom fire engines were called to the burning dustcart in Kiln Lane, Epsom, at 6.30am.

Firefighters said it took about 45 minutes to deal with the fire in which noone was hurt.

A council spokeswoman said the crew noticed the smell of burning coming from the back of the lorry.

She said: "They obviously stopped the vehicle and it became apparent that they had collected rubbish that was now burning."   

She said they did not know what caused the fire but it could have been a cigarette that had not been stubbed out properly.

She said firefighters were called, adding: "They opened the back of the vehicle to put out the fire but an inrush of air caused a small flame."

She said refuse was tipped out in order to extinguish the fire and staff went down to clear the scene.