Commuters have reacted angrily after Sutton Council restricted parking in an area popular with town centre workers 'overnight'.

A controlled parking zone (CPZ) covering streets including Camborne Road, Camborne Grange Road and Stanley Road near Sutton town centre came into force on Wednesday.

But workers who commute to the town said they had no way of knowing about the enforcement because it was not advertised on lamp posts.

Shannon McLaverty, who works in Quadrant House but commutes from Mitcham, said: "We could park there on Monday and Tuesday and, all of the sudden, we couldn't park there on Wednesday. It happened overnight.

"When they clean the drains they put up those yellow signs to say you can't park there. Why couldn't they have put signs up to say the restriction was coming into place?

"It looks like a money spinner to me.

"Also, why are they doing this when they're planning on closing the Brighton Road car park? They're just forcing drivers to park further and further away."

Sutton Council says it put up posters about the proposals in February and advertised the restriction was coming into force in the Sutton Guardian. But people from outside the borough say they had no way of finding out.

Councillor Jill Whitehead said: "The extension of the Sutton controlled parking zone was agreed by Sutton South, Cheam and Belmont Local Committee in May. We consulted with affected local residents about the proposals in February and notices were put up during that period. Since then, public notices have also been published in the Sutton Guardian and London Gazette."