A man was crushed to death after he placed his head under the moving wheels of a heavy goods lorry.

Awees Osman Mupe, of Abercain Road in Mitcham, was killed instantly following the incident outside Balham station on Balham High Road on January 17 at about 3.45pm.

Witnesses said they saw Mr Mupe first walk out in front of a car which swerved to avoid him causing him to fall over.

He then stood up and walked to the side of a slow passing scaffold lorry and lowered himself onto the road as it passed in front of the vehicle's back wheels.

At an inquest into his death at Westminster Coroners Court on Friday, August 23 the driver, George Parker, said: "I felt a bump and my scaffolding tubes went up.

"I said to my colleague what was that?

"I looked in my rear mirrors and saw.

"I immediately stopped the lorry and jumped out."

An ambulance by coincidence was passing through and immediately attended, however Mr Mupe was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was accepted in court that there was nothing Mr Parker could have done to prevent the tragedy.

The court heard the 34-year-old had a history of mental health problems dating back to early 2012 stemming from his use of cannabis and Khat.

He had previously complained of hearing voices and had become paranoid, at one point believing he was on a reality TV show.

At the time of his death he was on medication but appeared to have been "coping", however he had not made contact with his care worker since December 2012.

He had moved to the UK from Somalia in 2005 and first settled in Southampton before moving to London about one year ago.

Coroner Bernard Richmond said: "What happened on that day can been stated very simply.

"It's clear at Mr Mupe was walking in the area if Balham High Road, that he walked in front of a red car causing that car to brake and Mr Mupe to fall over.

"He stood up again and walked to the side of the road and waited for Mr Parker's scaffolding lorry to pass him.

"He then lowered himself and rolled himself deliberately in front of the lorry."

A verdict of narrative suicide was recorded.