Croydon Mosque's management committee has a lot of questions to answer, they have real problems which they are not addressing (Crisis talks on terror fears, Croydon Guardian, November 22).

The committee is a closed shop which consists of elders from the first generation of migrants who arrived in this country.

They have not changed their traditional views. They discourage or make it impossible for young people to take part in the running of the mosque.

Croydon has three Sunni mosques and every year at the end of Ramadan they have a different day for Eid prayers.

It is wrong to have Eid prayers on different days, this leaves a poor impression on non-Muslim communities.

If you work in education you will know that headteachers are not sure which day to give day off to Muslim pupils which results in at least two days of education being lost.

Muslim staff in schools are embarrassed. Croydon Mosque will not dispute the date announced by the Saudis for Eid Adha prayers.

It is all been done in the name of Islam. In Islam unity has the highest place, rather than personal politics. There is a silent Muslim community in Croydon who want a change of mosque management.

No wonder a tiny minority of Muslim youths have extreme views. It is time to encourage and give our Muslim youngsters an opportunity to be a part of the mosque's management. A radical overhaul is needed.

IMRAN KHAN Anglopak Welfare Society