Six Croydon entrepreneurs are hoping to emulate Trinny and Susannah with a business idea all women will love.

Helen McFadyen, 38, and five friends met by coincidence earlier this year and realised they had the skill to turn any woman into a beauty.

They formed a new business called Girls Only, which aims to transform ladies for special ocassions, such as hen parties and weddings or simply treat them to an evening of pampering.

Helen, from Sanderstead, starts the makeovers with a range of make up she has been selling since giving up her job as a fitness instructor.

She said: "I had to give up being an instructor due to illness and I knew I had to find something that would give me a little bit of money and something to focus on. I started doing make-up parties and realised there was a real demand for this kind of thing."

Along with the other girls they now have the perfect package to offer pampering parties across the borough.

Tracy Robinson takes care of the fashion with a variety of items from her clothes shop which deals in unique items.

Kelly Thompson is a spray tanner, Amanda Ruck a masseuse, Debbie Willoughby does nails and Lynne Bedford sells gift cards, wrapping and bags.

Helen added: "It was actually Tracy's idea to do the pampering parties. Amanda and Debbie then got involved and the idea developed.

"The next task is to try and get into offices and homes all over Croydon. It will be free to host a party and the host will get benefits. We will supply drink to get it going, they are just lovely, different evenings."

If you would like Girls Only to come to your home or office call Helen on 07956 040622.

She added: "Women don't often get the chance to do this sort of thing and it is all about getting ideas of how to do different things with your make up and trying new things out.

"Everyone needs pampering once in a while."