A footballer was sent off in the most bizarre fashion on Saturday - for exposing himself to the referee.

Louis Blake was a second-half substitute for AFC Croydon Athletic in their 6-2 FA Cup extra preliminary round defeat at Colliers Wood United, but lasted less than 20 minutes.

Despite the linesman having cleared the black cycling shorts he was wearing under his maroon-coloured football shorts, when referee Jack Ohene spotted them he told Blake to change and sparked a chaotic few minutes at The Wood’s Wibbandune ground.

Tony Hurrell, who co-manages Colliers Wood United first team, said: "I'm standing 10 yards from them. It's not like he dropped his shorts.

“He pulled them out from his waist band, but the referee pulled out the red card. It all went a bit crazy for a minute after that. Maybe the player was a bit stupid but it was a bit of an over-reaction from the ref."

AFC Croydon boss Antony Williams, who reacted so angrily he was also sent off, said: "Louis told the referee he had nothing to change into

"He took the cycling shorts off in the dugout and said he wanted to come back but the ref stopped him and wanted to check.

"Louis pulled up the bottom of his shorts and the referee said he could have just rolled them up so he pulled down the top part a little bit - he didn't expose himself, it was just the top part.

"But the referee decided that was exposing himself and sent him off - nobody else said he did including the Colliers Wood management and players.

"It summed up the referee's performance all day.

"I could understand if they were half way down his leg but they weren't and Louis is 6ft 5in so it's not like he is unrecognisable."

Blake said he was gobsmacked by the decision.

The Wood, who were 5-2 up at the time, scored one more to round off a miserable day for their rivals.

The Rams are unlikely to appeal the decision because of the costs and evidence needed and will now lose Blake for three games.

Defeat on Saturday continued a miserable start to the season for Williams' men after Combined Counties Division One defeats to Bedfont & Feltham and Sandhurst Town left them without a point ahead of Wednesday’s match with Banstead Athletic at Croydon Arena.

Colliers Wood will face East Preston or Crowborough Athletic at home on August 31 in the next round of the cup.

FA London branch refused to comment on the incident.