A taekwondo champion and her partner will discover this week whether they have smashed their way into the Guinness World Records.

Lisa Dennis and Chris Pitman of Dalmally Road, Addiscombe, vied for the title of 'The World's Most Powerful Couple,' on Monday, by each smashing 1,000 roof tiles.

The pair who run taekwondo club Virtue Taekwondo had their efforts filmed by CBBC's Blue Peter and their attempt was also watched by an official adjudicator from Guinness World Records.

Tiles were arranged in a 100 piles of 10 for Mr Pitman who will need to smash 20 per second in order to break the existing record.

Current taekwondo world champion Ms Dennis will aim to smash 16 tiles per second, which will be in stacks of eight.

This is the second time the couple have attempted to break these records, after narrowly missing out earlier this year.

Speaking ahead of the challenge Ms Dennis, 39, said: "I am very nervous but feel differently to last time. I know what to expect now and know what to do to make sure we break even more.

"It does hurt, but we have changed the technique. My hands are pretty sore at the moment, but the hard work is hopefully going to pay off.

"Having the attempt filmed by Blue Peter makes it even more exciting. I have won many National and International taekwondo titles, but being a Guinness World Record holder would be incredible."

Mr Pitman became involved in taekwondo after meeting Ms Dennis.

He said: "This is a crazy thing to attempt, but Lisa and I are pretty confident we will break the records.

"Being named the World's Most Powerful Couple would be amazing, especially for the school- 'come and train with Chris and Lisa who are world record holders.'"

The result of the couple's attempt at Ravenswood School, Bromley, is a closely guarded secret and will be broadcast on Blue Peter on Thursday at 5.30pm.