A golden anniversary does not come around every day, so one happy couple marked the special occasion by recreating one of their favourite wedding-day photos.

Pamela and Roger Stockwell recently returned to Croydon’s Queen’s Gardens to recreate the photo.

The original wedding-day image depicts Mrs Stockwell holding a bouquet of roses while standing in front of an ornamental urn.

However over the years, the urn had become covered in ivy, to the extent that nobody knew it was even there.

In order to allow the couple to recreate the image, Croydon Council had the ivy removed and the urn cleaned up and returned to its former glory.

Councillor Phil Thomas said: "When Mrs Stockwell approached me with this request it was the least I could do to help her and her husband recreate one of the happiest days of their lives."

Mrs Stockwell said: "I’ve been very touched by the kindness of the council and I’d like to thank everyone for making this photo possible."

She was also presented with a fresh orange bouquet by Alan Brett, the council’s grounds contracts manager, as a gift to help the couple celebrate 50 years of happy marriage.