Crystal Palace was lit up in flames for a second time during a fireworks spectacular to mark the 70th anniversary of the night it was destroyed by fire.

Pyrotechnics experts built an outline of the famous structure for a display that wowed a crowd of thousands.

People gathered beneath the historic terraces in Crystal Palace Park to watch a spectacular commemorative event which was organised by the London Development Agency (LDA).

After a film on a giant screen which showed archive footage of the Crystal Palace a series of dramatic aerial displays were put on by performers flying from a crane above the site.

The finale was a fireworks display which culminated in a giant outline of the palace being lifted into the sky and then set ablaze.

The display captured some of the drama of the original fire that reduced the building to a heap of twisted metal and molten glass.

Last week's event was also used by the LDA to launch its ambitious plans to redevelop the park.