The stepson of a man shot dead in his Thornton Heath home has recalled the murder in two music videos.

In two emotional YouTube videos Karl Wilson recalls the murder of Carlton Ned, 41, who was shot in the chest while protecting his wife and step son from two gunmen.

Yesterday, Christopher Thomas of Morrison House, Tulse Hill, was found guilty of murder and jailed for a minimum of 35 years.

Mr Wilson who performs under the name Konan, is one half of Krept and Konan.

The day before the jury returned a guilty verdict, the rappers released their new video for 'My Story' - one of two tracks on which the murder is described.

The five minute video in memory of Mr Ned, hears Konan's account of the night his stepfather died in his own words.

Lyrics include: "Trying [to] keep calm and put my key into the door, thinking to myself if I don't make it then it's over. I don't know how I managed it ran into my mum's room panicking.

"Mum shouting at me Karl what's happening? Carl shouting at me Karl what's happening?"

It continues: "Somebody wake me from this dream now then I hear a gunshot and my mum scream out.

"Carl ran out of the room trying to fight them, two more gunshots everything silent. Mum ran downstairs she's crying.

"She said he's shot I hope she's lying, I hear her shouting out for help I think he's dying.

"Mum's shaking while the neighbours trying to save him, heart racing wish that I could disappear and it should have been me but it's him lying there and I know it isn't fair."

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Karl Wilson aka Konan

The murder also features on another track called 'Devils Playground,' first posted online last year.

In the song Konan raps: "I swear I think about it daily, it’s like god took Carl just to save me. From then I knew I’d never be the same me."

"Just came off the phone and me and mum just had the longest talk, but when the sky falls I know I’ll still be wishing that we’d bonded more."

"My mum always used to say to me, if you don’t hear you must feel and we done a lot of feeling, we done a lot of feeling."