A volunteer is using her own experiences with cancer to help the lives of others.

Becki McGuinness, 26, of Southfields, was once told she had terminal cancer but is nearing the five year mark of being in remission.

She was diagnosed with a benign tumour in the bottom of her spine and bone cancer osteosarcoma when she was aged 21-years-old.

Last year Miss McGuinness performed in the Paralympic opening ceremony and was inspired to become a volunteer after the event.

She has been working as an ambassador for charity vInspired for six months, working on a campaign to raise self-esteem in young people.

Miss McGuinness said: "Having cancer makes you more aware - you are self conscious and can't help it.

"But it is not the end. I let them know little details of what to do and how to feel better."

She also writes for My Name is Not Cancer and writes personal blog Coping With The Big C which offers insight into cancer.

Her next project is with charity Fixers, with hopes to publish poems and advice on coping with cancer with help from the charity.

Visit copingwiththebigc.blogspot.co.uk for more information.