Ben Peters and Juliet Harding hail from South Africa and are hoping their band Goodluck will wow London crowds. 

The band, who have had six number one hit singles in their native country, speak to Alexandra Rucki before their gig in Putney

What can audiences expect to see during your show at the Half Moon?

Live electronic music that really fun and doesn't take itself too seriously, loads of energy and a little bit of swing.

How would you describe your music?

Live Electronic Dream Pop... With a sprinkling of swing

Who are your biggest influences?

Faithless, Kruder and Dorfmeister, Gramophondzie, Yolande Be Cool, Goldfish, Ellie Goulding, Imogen Heap... there are a lot more.

You’ve had six number one hits in South Africa - do you think UK audiences will like your music?

We hope so. It's difficult to say, but we do what we do and we have lots of fun doing it... Hopefully that will catch on to others.

What is the difference between the music scene in South Africa and London?

I think the music scene in London is absolutely huge compared to SA and I have heard a rumour that the UK is a bit spoiled for choice... Hence slightly tougher crowds - but that is just a rumour... Hopefully one we will disprove.

You have a song featuring Lisa Kekaula of Basement Jaxx fame (who are from London), what was she like to work with?

She is awesome to work with, highly professional and also super talented. We are working with her again on album #2.

You’ve performed at a few festivals this summer - which were your favourite?

It was great to be a part of Extrema [Holland's biggest dance festival] but we are also really enjoying being a part of the Holi One Global Tour because each event has an incredible vibe.

What else have you got lined up this year?

A brand new album and something very exciting to go along with it. Watch this space.

Goodluck, The Half Moon, Lower Richmond Road, Putney, August 1, Doors 8pm, tickets £8, visit or call 020 8780 9383.