There is nothing quite like a bit of gardening and chilling out in the midst of some lovely plants.

Coombe Wood is considered by many to be one of the best kept gardens in the borough and Vibe caught up with head gardener Terence Meredith.

Meredith has worked at Coombe Wood for nine years and he told Vibe why people should visit and the best bits about gardening.

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Moonfire Dahlias in Coombe Gardens

Vibe: Why would you encourage people to do gardening?

Terence Meredith: "Gardening is such a rewarding past time. It keeps you fit and healthy as well.

"If you grow your own vegetables there is nothing like picking a fresh strawberry from your garden or a potato or something like that, as they taste so much nicer. The more you put into a garden the more you get out of it."

Vibe: Why should people come to Coombe Wood?

TM: "I put a lot of time and effort into the garden and I get some really nice comments from members of the public who visit.

"We have an array of different plants here. The first thing people see when they come through the gates is the colourful flowerbeds. You can just come and sit and relax. It is something different to the usual things people do."

Vibe: Any tips on how to keep the garden in good condition in this hot weather?

TM: "It has been a challenge this year. I have sprinklers which help, but for other people I would recommend putting compost on the flowerbeds to keep it moist, that is the key thing."

Coombe Woods, Conduit Lane, Croydon, free entry, go to for a whole list of parks in the area.


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Coombe Gardens

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Bee laden with pollen.

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Pot Marigolds - 'Citrus Twist' variety