The International Youth Arts Festival will serve up an enchanting tale of longing, adventure, and friendship for under-11s from next week.

The Bridge, a play designed as an immersive experience for children, follows a rat named Lucien on his quest for new experiences in London.

Lucien lives alone under Waterloo Bridge, and dreams of learning what it is like to fly.

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Davina Freedman, education director at Page One Theatre, says: “He lives all alone and he always watches the pigeons. “He decides that he wants to follow her and speak to her, and find out what it is like to fly.

“He has a few challenges along the way. He has to cross the road and tackle the traffic lights.”

Page One even got kids involved in developing the play by performing sections in schools and asking for feedback.

And it uses techniques like video projection to make the audience feel like it is inside the play.

At one point, when Lucien learns to swim, audience members find themselves submerge as Lucien paddles above them, and seagulls wheel above him.

Freedman says: “The children feel like they are immersed in water because we use projection. It happens above their heads.

“We try and create a sensory environment for the children. We really want to get children involved in the play and in the theatre.

“We use puppetry to tell the story.”

All does not go smoothly for Lucien on his adventure, however.

Freedman adds: “He meets some mean rats along the way, but he scares them off. The children absolutely love the scary rats – all the reception has been really positive.”

The Bridge; Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston; Thursday, July 18, Wednesday, July 24, Sunday, July 28; various times; £5-£15; Visit or call 08444 821556.

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