A toddler was left with serious burns after falling on a discarded barbecue in a park.

Luii Duncan, two-and-a-half, has been scarred for life and is likely to need a skin graft after the horrific accident in Beddington Park at about 5pm on Sunday.

The metal barbecue had been left smouldering by its owners, despite them being asked by friends of her parents to put it out before they left.

Moments later Luii was among a group of children playing nearby, when she fell on to the red hot coals.

Her parents and their friends managed to pull off the barbecue – that had become stuck to Luii’s stomach from the heat – after dousing her with water.

Her face, arms, chest and hands were all burned.

She was taken by ambulance to St Helier Hospital before being transferred to a specialist burns unit at Chelsea Children’s Hospital. Her mother, Rosemary Duncan, from Morden Road, Morden, said she can not get the image of the barbecue being stuck to her youngster's stomach out her head.

A traumatised Mrs Duncan, said: “I’m trying to block it out, but I want to warn people about the dangers of leaving hot barbecues in parks.”

“It’s horrifying to see a man holding up your child and seeing her with a barbecue stuck on her stomach. Everyone was throwing water on her and trying to pull it off.”

The tot remained under observation in hospital until Tuesday (July 9) when she was able to return home. Mrs Duncan said: “It’s a long journey to recovery for her, We’re just thankful she is going to be OK. “She will have a scar for life on her stomach, and burns on her arms. She is still having trouble sleeping.”

Self-employed Mrs Duncan said more needed to be done to stop something like this happening again.

She said: “There need to be more wardens around to enforce the rules. Next time a young child might be killed.”

Luii’s father, Nathan Duncan, said: “Our daughter has been subjected to untold agony and trauma due to negligence, inconsideration and a deep lack of care for others.

“These individuals’ enjoyment and entertainment was far more important to them than the health and safety of those around them.”

Council bylaws state it is illegal to have a barbecue in Sutton's parks, but police have said after investigating the issue there were not criminal charges to answer.

But police have said they will increase patrols in parks by PCSOs while the hot weather continues.

A council spokesman said: “We are sorry this unfortunate incident occurred and we wish the little girl a speedy recovery.

“Sutton is proud of its parks and open spaces and we do all we can to make sure they are safe for residents to enjoy.

“We would like to draw attention to the park bylaws which forbid anyone from lighting a fire for a barbecue or any other reason unless it is in a designated area on one of the stands provided.

“In this incident the barbecue was not on a stand.”