A tightly-knit group of young actors will bring a teenage love story to the Rose Theatre as part of the International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF).

Tomorrow’s Dawn – in French, Demain l'Aurore – is an optimistic look at teenagers’ hopes and dreams, which explores how young people and adults interact in today’s society.

The La Petite Famille theatre company was formed by middle school pupils from the south of France, and has toured seven countries since 2007.

The company’s newest challenge is to perform the play in English in this, its first UK run.

A young couple must negotiate the pitfalls of teenage life and love – parents, teachers, and more.

Writer Jeff Gallon says: “They do not succeed in requiting their love because they have too many questions, too many fears, and the play is about that.

“It started in middle school. I am a teacher and I met a music teacher – we had the idea to create a musical.

“We wanted to talk about teenage questions.

"The group started to perform and nobody wanted to stop.”

And what is his favourite part of the play?

He says: “It is difficult to answer, but we tried to create a varied play with funny things, and at other times, more poignant and moving parts.”

He adds that bringing the show to the UK has its own difficulties: “We are very excited and a little afraid, of course, because it will be the first time for us performing in English.

“It is really a challenge for us – we are practising a lot.

“It is a great opportunity for us and we are really happy to take part in the festival.”

Tomorrow’s Dawn; Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston; Sunday, July 21 to Tuesday, July 23; various times; £5-£8; Visit rosetheatrekingston.org or call 08444 821 556.