A satirical musical based on the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics will play at IYAF this year.

Former Kingston University students Fiona O'Malley and Adam Wollerton have teamed up to showcase The Daily Fail: The Musical!

The show is based on the life of two girls, London and Dim, who are desperate to become famous at any cost but the problem they face is, well, they do not actually have any talent.

But the stardom seeking duo soon find themselves in hell when their dream becomes reality following an encounter with a fairy godmother named Rupert Murdoch.

It is then that the fame hungry girls realise that they just cannot handle the pressures of fame or the press.

O’Malley says: "It’s all about press ethics and the extremes people go to.

"I was studying for my masters in journalism at Kingston University last year and reading a lot and thinking this must be wrong – journalists don’t do that, do their editors know?

"Obviously everyone is not like that.

"By the second act of the play the main characters get their phones hacked.

"But this story is not all about hacking – it has press ethics and it is a comedy."

Chloe Parsons who plays snob Nicole Bitchy says the play is something that has never been done before.

Parsons says: "It’s got phone hacking, sexual connotations and references, it’s humorous and it’s a musical. It has not been done before.

"I have loved rehearsing – it has been a challenge but so much fun. I had never danced before in my life."

In the play Parsons says she plays an airhead and snob who thinks she knows everything about the world of fame.

Keeping in line with the theme of the play songs that audiences will be entertained with include Hugh Grant Is My Ideal Man, Making a Sex Tape and We Could Be Famous.

The Daily Fail: The Musical! Rose Theatre, 24-26 High Street, Kingston, July 26 – July 28, show times vary, £8, £5 concession, call box office on 08444 821 556, visit rosetheatrekingston.org.