A man's finger was severed when his car overturned while trying to overtake a stationary car in Selhurst.

Emergency services were called to the junction of Northcote Road and Westbury Road at 6.03pm on Saturday, to reports of two cars in collision.

Two fire engines and a fire rescue unit from Croydon fire station attended the scene.

The crew manager, who did not want to be named, said the accident happened when the driver, a man in his 20s, clipped the back of the car he was trying to overtake at the junction.

Both the man and his female passenger were outside of the car by the time firefighters arrived.

He said: "The driver tried to over take and clipped the side of the car, his car ended up on its roof in a brick wall.

"His window was open and we think his finger was grated off on the road. We were all looking for the finger, it had been ripped clean off.

"His hand must have got trapped between the road and the car when it was rolling, otherwise the severed part would have been inside the vehicle."

No-one else was hurt in the incident.