A couple travelling to their wedding were left queuing in traffic after a bus caught fire in New Addington yesterday afternoon, June 28.

The driver of the double decker was treated by the London Ambulance Service but nobody else was injured when the bus caught fire in Gravel Hill at about 4pm.

Two fire crews from New Addington and two from Woodside were on the scene to tackle the fire, caused by a fault with the engine, which left 20 per cent damage to the bus.

Queues of traffic formed after the two and a half hour operation and more than 300 litres of diesel was split on the road.

Both lanes were shut as firefighters were tasked with the mammoth clean up, which is still taking place today.

Brian Palmer, from New Addington green watch, said: "The bus was evacuated. Sadly we slowed down a wedding car in the queue of traffic which was not everyone's choice of a perfect day."