A new app dubbed the Wikipedia for Arabic writing is to be launched.

Nuqta, which means point or dot in Arabic, is being launched in the Edge of Arabia gallery, Elcho Street, Battersea, on Saturday.

The app, developed by staff in London, works as a free knowledge bank of articles and photography on Arabic calligraphy and typography.

Stephen Stapleton, founder of the gallery, will introduce the event, with a limited edition skin of the App available for attendees.

There will also be interactive demonstrations and the opportunity to test out calligraphy with reed pens.

Mukhtar Sanders, who developed Nuqta, said: "The application is simple.

"You take a photo of a piece of Arabic writing or calligraphy, give it a name and description, drop a pin, a nuqta, on the map indicating where you’re located and share your image with the world."

Soraya Syed, co-founder of Nuqta, said: "We’ve created Nuqta as a global digital resource for anyone with an interest in typography and calligraphy, from classically trained calligraphers to fine artists and graffiti artists to professional designers, scholars and researchers and enthusiasts - anyone who loves words and writing."

The app is being launched as part of the Shubbak Festival which aims to open a window on contemporary Arab culture.