Nostalgic footage of a 1950s Lambretta wedding has been discovered hidden at a Wimbledon car boot sale.

The Kodachrome 16mm film was plucked from the Wimbledon car boot sale by the son of Barry Littlechild, a film historian based in Tunbridge Wells.

The video shows a young lady travelling to her wedding on the back of a Lambretta scooter, flanked by a half dozen members of the Mitcham Lambretta club - nicknamed the Mitcham Goons.

The 'Elite' cinema can be seen in the footage screening East of Eden which starred James Dean and was released in 1955.

Mr Littlechild said: "My son picked up the roll of film and sent it down to me and I thought my goodness this is good.

"It’s almost TV standard so the person who filmed it must have had a lot of money because a roll of film in those days was about £20 for three minutes.

"That’s how much home movies were and 16mm is the more expensive type - that’s what they used in TV.

"I'm pretty sure it is a home movie, probably by a little film club or something in Mitcham."

He added: "What's happening now is these collectors are dying off and their children see a roll of film.

"It’s not like a box of photographs.

"You have to get a projector and it can be expensive so they just get rid of it."

The film historian has found all kinds of family treasures and long lost films including one featuring Jane Asher called 'Adventures in the Hop Field' filmed in 1954 in Kent for the children's film foundation.

He said: ""A guy in Chicago found it in a skip and thought I would be interested in it."

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