A supermarket customer is so tired of being charged the wrong prices he has started taking pictures on his way around the store.

Mario Basilisco now takes pictures of items on the shelves when he goes shopping at Asda in Beddington Lane because he says he is regularly charged the wrong prices

Although the supermarket giant says it is not aware of the issue being common at the store.
Mr Basilisco, 59, from Upper Norwood, said: "We've been going there for years but lately, if we aren't careful, we find that we are getting overcharged. When we look at our receipts they have charged us more than the items cost on the shelves.

"I go and queue to get my money but the queues are often quite long. I have seen people leave the queue because they don't think it's worth it for the sake of a few pence but it makes me wonder how many people don't notice or don't bother getting their money back and how much the company makes from it."

On a recent shopping trip, Mr Basilisco took a picture of a jar of curry sauce on offer at £1 according to the price on the shelf but found himself being charged £1.69 at the till.He had the same problem with a pot of yoghurt which was priced at £1 but he got charged £1.20.

Your Local Guardian:

Your Local Guardian:

(top) Low fat yoghurt on the bottom shelf (bottom) the receipt showing a charge of £1.20 

He says on one occasion he picked up a bag of nuts which was on offer only for the offer to be discontinued while he was on his way around the shop.
Mr Basilisco warned other shoppers to be vigilant.

A spokesman for Asda said: "I have looked into the issue and we are not aware of this being a common issue in our Wallington store."