Firefighters may be used to rescuing cats but were surprised to find a curious collie caught barking up the wrong tree.

The border collie, called Sally, developed a taste for adventure and after finding a fallen tree while on her walk in Crane Park, in Mill Road, Twickenham, decided to scamper up it.

Unfortunately she wasn’t brave enough to climb down so her owner called on Twickenham firefighters to help save the frightened canine with the help of their nine metre ladder.

The fire crews managed to coax the dog down and reunite her with her owner at about 11am this morning.

Watch manager Daniel Wareham said: “The dog was very nervous and was relieved to get down after a bit of coaxing.

“She bolted to her owner with her tail wagging. Her elderly owner was really happy to get his best friend back.”

Mr Wareham said if people see an animal stuck somewhere they should call the RSPCA who will then call the fire service needed.

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