This was the wreckage left behind after a tree crashed down in Thames Ditton during high winds this morning.

The shell and smashed windows of the blue Nissan Primera startled passersby when they discovered the carnage as they made their way to work some hours later.

Surrey Police said they received numerous calls from residents between 1.15am and 2.45am after the tree came crashing down in Watts Road.

Paul Navarro, 39, of High Street, saw the remains of the car and fallen tree as he walked to work this morning.

He said: “I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t hear any severe weather last night and my partner and I usually do hear the winds but we didn’t hear anything.

“To see a tree that size uprooted, it is just amazing that nobody was around at that time. To have just hit that car and no other car is just incredible.”

The fallen tree caused a commotion in the early hours of the morning for some residents as it lay on the vehicle parked below, causing the horn to continually sound and only stopping when the tree was cut off of the vehicle.

Surrey County Council said it was made aware of the incident this morning and a contract company was sent out.

The council spokeswoman said it was the priority at the time to clear the tree from the road and pavement.

The remains of the tree were cut up and placed on a grass verge.