Murderer Stuart Hazell presented a bouquet of flowers to a landlord so he could drink in his pub - before hours later returning to confront him with a machete.

Hazell - who drinkers in the Randall Tavern in Fieldway, New Addington, described as "a vile, horrible bully" - was jailed for a year in 2010 for wielding the weapon after being barred.

Landlord Peter Wilson, 65, said: "He had already been barred from the public house for being aggressive. He came in here with a bunch of flowers and said he was a changed man.

"I gave him to the benefit of the doubt, but after a couple of pints he was getting aggressive again. I poured his pint into a plastic glass so he could take it with him and asked him to leave.

"He slammed his beer down on the table so it went all over a man who had been sat there. At that point a couple of customers evicted him."

Mr Wilson, who has run the Randall Tavern for nine years, said: "An hour later he came back up to the pub with a machete in his hand. I immediately locked the doors and called the police."

Hazell was arrested and convicted of possession of an offensive weapon following the incident.

He committed a string of other offences - including drug dealing, racially aggravated assault, burglary and grievous bodily harm - before murdering Tia Sharp in August last year.

Your Local Guardian: Stuart Hazell was this morning sentenced to 38 years in jail for the murder of Tia Sharp.

Stuart Hazell was jailed for wielding a machete two years before killing Tia Sharp

Martyn Fox, a regular in the Randall Tavern, said: "He was a horrible man. He used to come in here bragging about having been in prison."

Mr Wilson said: "He was vile. A horrible bully. He wasn't a regular here, but he was not liked around here at all. I did not want him in my pub."

He added: "This estate is full of good people and he made this place look like a slum, which it is not at all."