A former Raven’s Ait squatter has been fined after he admitted biting a police officer during a protest outside Kingston’s Guildhall.

Activist Richard Maggs, 32, currently staying in Liverpool, also admitted at Wimbledon Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday to two counts of common assault on a security guard and another PC.

He changed his plea to guilty on the day of his trial.

Maggs was protesting against Kingston Council's eviction of residents from sheltered housing accommodation in Waters Square, Norbiton, when he was challenged by security guard David Mitchell late at night on Tuesday, March 5 this year.

Wearing a high-visibility jacket with “Raven’s Ait Eco Warriors” written on the back, he pushed Mr Mitchell twice in the chest, the court heard.

After police arrived, Maggs was wrestled to the ground, then carried to a waiting police van in leg restraints, crown prosecutor Luisa Stuart said.

She said: “Mr Maggs was flailing his arms around, and shouting and swearing. He became more and more irate and aggressive and had to be detained on the ground.”

Maggs caught PC Sam Holden in the back of the head with a trailing blow.

He also bit PC Steve Potterill on the leg, causing redness but not breaking the skin.

After being taken to the police station Maggs refused to be interviewed, claimed he was carrying a knife and drugs and had to be strip-searched, Miss Stuart said.

He demanded to be given his iPad to contact his solicitor, but changed his mind, she added.

Defending, Sundeep Pankhania told magistrates Maggs planned his demonstration late at night to avoid disrupting passersby and businesses.

Maggs was concerned for Waters Square residents and had his grandmother’s illness on his mind, he added.

Mr Pankhania said: “He has seen the CCTV and accepted his guilt. Had he had it when the crown was supposed to have served it, there would have been a guilty plea before today.

“It was something that Mr Maggs felt very strongly about. He has had a great deal preying on his mind. He is a political activist and most of the time he squats.

“He is going to sign on and is in the process of looking for work.”

Maggs was fined £250, and ordered to pay £50 compensation to PC Potterill, a £50 victim surcharge, and £200 in court costs.

He will pay the money at a rate of £20 per fortnight.