A mum who diligently researched the best food for her baby was shocked when she found hair in hair son's dinner.

Sutton mum Navita Thomas bought expensive Ella's Kitchen food for her baby son Caleb, now nine-months-old, on the grounds that it is organic, uses free range products and had been widely recommended.

But Mrs Thomas, 33, was disgusted when she found a long grey hair in a sachet of Ella's Kitchen 'oh so creamy chicken and sweetcorn mash with herb sprinkles' last month.

Since then she claims to have been treated rudely by the Henley-on-Thames based company's customer services team and only offered a £25 voucher in recompense - something she has no plans to use in case she finds another foreign object.

Mrs Thomas, of St Albans Road, said: "Before I started weaning my baby I enquired to find out what food is the best for him and Ella's Kitchen came out on top.

"I got in touch with them to find out how they made and sourced their food and they explained their system to me.

"I did a lot of research and I take my baby's health very seriously. Ella's Kitchen is very expensive, it's really not affordable on an everyday basis, but I wanted to give the best to my son.

"So I was very upset when I found the hair. It was a long, grey or white hair. It was really shocking.

"I think it's important that other parents know about this."

Mrs Thomas complained to the company about the incident.

A spokesman for Ella's Kitchen said: "At Ella’s Kitchen we take any concerns raised by our consumers very seriously. 

"The health of our consumers is very important to us, and all of our food items are manufactured under strict quality control supervision. 

"Our quality assurance staff are investigating the reported experience by conducting an extensive evaluation of our retained samples and records."