People are being warned of bogus callers after an attempted scam.

The alarm was raised after men claiming to be from Lewisham Council Trading Standards tried to trick a Teddington resident into handing over bank details on Friday, May 10.

The imposters claimed the courts had awarded damages to the resident after being the victim of a previous scam.

The fraudsters said to obtain compensation the resident should wait for a follow up telephone call with a request for his bank details.

Councillor Pamela Fleming, Richmond Council cabinet member for communities, business and culture, said: “Bogus callers are unscrupulous doorstep sellers who target vulnerable residents.

“Luckily this resident smelt a rat with the imposters’ story and didn’t provide any personal or banking information. However, it could have very easily gone the other way.

“No trading standards department would operate in this way and residents are warned to not be taken in by this scam.

“Do not give any personal details to any caller offering money in return for an advance payment and certainly do not give your address to allow these callers to visit you.

“If you are confronted with a bogus official please telephone 999 immediately.”